The following are the ISO-Approved Forms of BFP-NHQ <—-Please click here

  1. Quality Management System (QMS)
    1. Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
  2. Supply Management Division (SMD)
    1. Annual Procurement Plan
    2. Supplemental Annual Procurement Plan (Form C)
    3. Purchase Request
    4. Approved Budget for the Contract
    5. Canvass of Proposal
    6. Certificate for Due Diligence
    7. Request for Quotation
    8. Abstract of Canvass
    9. Abstract of Bids as Calculated
    10. Abstract of Quotation
    11. Notice of Award for Public Bidding
    12. Notice of Award
    13. Purchase Order
    14. Notice to Proceed
    15. Supplier Performance Evaluation Form
    16. Work Order
    17. Master List of Suppliers
    18. Abstract of Bids as Read
  3. Morale and Benefits Division (MBD)
    1. Application for Scholarship
    2. Requirements for Scholarship Application
    3. Requirements for Approved Grantees/Scholars (College)
    4. Requirements for Approved Grantees/Scholars (HS)
    5. Requirement Checklist for the Application for Medal Awards
    6. Claimant Information Sheet for Medical Reimbursement Claim
    7. Claimant Information Sheet for Total Permanent Physical Disability (TPPD) Claim
    8. Claimant Information Sheet for Death Benefit Claim
    9. Claims Adjudication Board Paper Trailing